Increase Your Real Estate Success: The Game-Changing Secret to Outsourcing Your Copywriting!

Real Estate Agents live and breathe a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week working lifestyle. Our days are filled with late notice inspections, contracts crashing and urgent listings. With mobile phones and laptops at our disposal, buyers and sellers can contact us whenever they wish and often expect an instant response. “Immediate gratification” is a new age term I hear thrown around a lot – usually aimed at GenY’s who want everything now. But when was the last time a buyer of any age waited until the morning to request an inspection?

This sense of urgency can create an overwhelming amount of stress. That’s why more agents are turning to “outsourcing.” And what better jobs to outsource then the ones you hate doing!

Here are 3 reasons why you should outsource the jobs you hate doing!

1. Save time

Why is it that the jobs we hate doing take the longest to complete? Take mopping the floor for example. I loathe it! I would rather eat a mop then actually mop the floor! When it comes time to doing the mopping, I procrastinate. The floor gets dirtier and dirtier and the next thing I know, the Cheerios my 5-year-old dropped on the floor this morning are now permanently cemented to the floor.

But what if I outsourced this job? In any workplace, it’s the annoying and time-consuming tasks like these that you keep putting off until they build up to a point where it’s so overwhelming, they never get completed. Tasks like buyer call backs, data entry, writing listing descriptions, building and pest inspections – the list goes on! These are all time-consuming jobs that are essential to the sale of a property.

Imagine if you outsourced these tasks to an assistant or virtual PA? How much more free time would you have?

2. Make money

It seems contradictive to say you can make money if you are spending money on outsourcing. Real estate is full of menial tasks that we all hate doing, however they are essential to the core of our business which is getting a property sold. By outsourcing these tasks, you save time which in turn frees you up to do more important tasks such as getting in front of clients. We don’t get paid to enter data into Mydesktop – we get paid to be in front of sellers! If you are too bogged down in admin tasks, you are not conducting listing presentations and getting stock. By paying someone to do these jobs for you – this frees you up to conduct more appointments and get more listings.

3. Life’s too short

There’s a café up the road from me called “The LITSE Lounge” – LITSE stands for Life is to Short Enjoy” – I love that saying (also love the café, awesome coffee!) but this really resonates with me. Life is too short, so don’t waste it doing the things you hate. Your time spent is about quality rather than quantity. Spending quality time with the kids engaging with them is better than spending a large quantity of time with the kids being on your phone or laptop because your behind in your work and trying to catch up.

There are options in work and life to outsource the tasks we don’t enjoy. To see how Write My Ad can help you with these tasks – feel free to contact us.