I’m selling my house do I really need a signboard out the front

A signboard is more than just a directional guide to alert buyers to the house on inspection day. By not having a signboard you could be losing buyers – read on to find out more.

In a digital age, when selling your home there has been a shift towards investing heavily in an online advertising presence throughout the marketing campaign. Potential buyers (and nosy neighbours) can see internal photos, floor plans and a list of features of your home with just a few clicks of the keyboard. This leads to many vendors questioning the purpose of the signboard arguing that it adds more value to the agents personal marketing campaign then it does to the sale of their house.

When marketing your property for sale, vendors should be trying to aim for the greatest reach and frequency throughout the campaign. Whether you engage an agent or you are selling the home yourself, your advertising campaign should reach as many buyers as possible, as many times as possible. A signboard plays an important part in the marketing mix.

What is a signboard?

A signboard is a sign placed out the front of the home to alert buyers that the home is for sale. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple corflute sign that you can bang in yourself, to a fancy solar powered illuminated sign with photos for a bit of extra razzle-dazzle. Personally, a simple sign with “For Sale” and either the agents or your own contact details will do the job. Photos are a great feature if you live on a busy street or have lots of foot traffic, but choose 1-3 good quality photos that really highlight the home.  

Why do I need a signboard?

A signboard will guide buyers to a property. Keen buyers may even do a few “drive-bys” before the first inspection. With no signboard in place, it may make them feel uncomfortable about driving slowly past the home, or wonder if it is even for sale. A signboard sends a very clear message that the home is on the market for sale. You should also consider the “word of mouth” factor that comes from having a signboard. Below is a case study, as to how I came to sell a property before the first open home thanks to a signboard.

Case Study

Rebecca and Ben and their school-aged children live at 123 Smith Street. They’ve lived there for 20 years and love the sense of community spirit within the street. Their neighbours Rodger and Glenys who live 3 doors down have just come to market. Rebecca is driving her kids to school when she sees the for sale sign out the front of their house.  This would be the perfect house for Rebecca’s friend Hayley and her family who have been looking for a property for months. Rebecca runs into Hayley at the school gate and tells her about the property that has just launched on her street. Hayley calls the listing agent immediately and organises an inspection that afternoon. At the inspection, Hayley and her husband fall in love with the property so they make an offer and it gets accepted – before the first open home. Rebecca is so happy to have Hayley move into her street, and now they share the school run.

Had it not been for the signboard out the front of the neighbour’s house, Rebecca would not have seen that the property was on the market. Her family are perfectly happy living in the street and therefore are not constantly checking realestate.com.au like an eager buyer. Eventually, Hayley may have come across the property online, but she may have waited until the open home or missed it altogether. With such validation of how great it is to live in the street by a fellow neighbour, Hayley got emotionally attached to the house and actually offered more than the asking price which secured the home before the first open home.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

When you look at a company such as the likes of McDonald’s, they don’t restrict their advertising to just one medium. They use a whole range of channels to deliver their message: signs, bus stops, television commercials etc. The same principals can be applied to the sale of your own home to ensure the marketing campaign helps to build frequency and reach – with the ultimate goal of getting as many buyers to your property as possible!

How do you feel about signboards? Are they critical to the sale of your home?